I built a thing!

I keep linking people to old blog posts of mine. Sometimes it’s to solve a problem that was solved a long time ago; other times it’s to make a point that the argument they’re having isn’t new. Either way, there’s a whole bunch of valuable content locked up with nothing but an “Archives” link on a web site to show that it ever existed.

I went looking for a way to re-publish some of this content and couldn’t find anything that did what I wanted. Thus, Tweets from the Vault was born.

Tweets from the Vault is a paid service that will pick a random item out of any set of RSS feeds you give it and tweet it from your account.

Landing Page Screenshot

Dashboard Screenshot

I’ve priced the lowest plan of one tweet per day at $1/month. That’s less than the average person would spend on electricity to power their laptop for the month, and way less than you’d spend on even a half-decent coffee.

You’ll be seeing it in my Twitter feed - and I hope I’ll see it in yours :)